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Mobile Technology

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North American Division

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Mobile Technology
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North American Division
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1. What is a mobile device? Provide four examples of a mobile device you may have seen or utilized.

2. Draw a diagram showing how mobile technology uses cell sites (and why they use the word "cell"). Use this diagram to explain the factors that affect the following:

a. Coverage

b. Density

c. Location tracking

d. Call hand-off

3. Discuss with a group some safety precautions that should be considered concerning the use of a mobile device.

4. Create a list of different types of mobile devices.

a. Discuss with a group the advantages and disadvantages of each mobile device listed.

b. Discuss with a group how mobile devices can be used to spread the gospel of Jesus.

5. With a group, discuss ways in which mobile technology can be used to benefit society and industry such as:

a. Business

b. Personal Recreation

c. Safety and Protection

d. Education

e. Health Care

f. Transportation

g. Homework

6. Describe the following types of cell sites.

a. Camouflage

b. Off-grid System

c. Temporary Setup

7. Illustrate through drawings, sketches, or photographs a cell tower. Be able to identify a cell tower in an open area.

8. Create a speech, presentation, video, or game that illustrates what you have learned about mobile technology while earning this honor. Share your creation with a group.

9. Discuss with a group some of the ways in which mobile technology can be integrated into ministry to share the gospel throughout the world.

10. Discuss with a group how mobile technology can be used to enhance the following aspects of your spiritual life:

a. Devotionals

b. Inspirational songs

c. Prayer reminder

d. Join worship services

e. Share inspirational messages

11. Discuss with a group how the following Bible passages apply to the use of mobile technology.

a. Matthew 24:1

b. 1 Corinthians 6:12

12. Evaluate how being a Christian should affect your use of mobile technology. Be detailed and honest, taking into account what you have experienced in this honor. Share your evaluation in written form with a trusted friend or leader.

13. Do the following individually or with a group:

a. Create a temporary contact list of your friends. Gain permission to send them a daily text message. At a selected time each day, share an inspirational text with those on the contact list for a minimum of one week. Respect any requests to be removed from the list.

b. Over a period of three worship services, evaluate when people use their devices during a worship service, and for what purposes.