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Moths & Butterflies

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Moths & Butterflies
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General Conference
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1. What is the distinction between moths and butterflies?

2. Define the following terms: antennae, cocoon, pupa, larva, chrysalis.

3. Be able to identify three moths and/or butterflies by their cocoons.

4. What causes colored powder to come off on your hands when you handle the wings of a butterfly or moth? Examine the powder of a butterfly or moth with a magnifying lens and describe your findings.

5. Name three harmful tree moths and one harmful house moth and tell during what stage of their lives they each do their damage.

6. What famous butterfly follows the birds southward every winter and comes northward in the spring?

7. Identify in the field, then draw, photograph or collect 25 species of moths and butterflies, with not more than two specimens of any one variety. When collecting, specimens should be anesthetized by using carbon tetrachloride or other chemical in collecting jar. In either project correctly label and include the following information:

a. Name
b. Date observed
c. Location
d. Time of day
e. Plant on which the insect was feeding or the material on which it was perched

8. Describe the life cycle of a butterfly or moth. What lesson can be learned in connection with the resurrection of the righteous.