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National Parks and Heritage Sites

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North American Division

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National Parks and Heritage Sites
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North American Division
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Learn how efforts are made to conserve parts of God's creation and also different pieces of history from many different cultures through this honor. Explore the value in preserving and protecting history, culture and nature by participating or traveling to one of these many protected sites!

The Challenging Part

The most challenging requirement of this honor is probably this:

7. Complete three of the following:

a. Complete a Junior Ranger/Parks Canada Xplorers program (or their equivalent) at a national park, monument, historic site, or other equivalency and discuss what you learned with your group.

b. Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site or National Park System site and document your visit with a photo scrapbook (digital or print).

c. Draw or paint a picture about something you had fun learning about while studying national park system sites and/or world heritage sites.

d. Hike a trail while visiting a national park or World Heritage site. Document three things you see, three things you hear, and at least one smell you experienced.

e. Pick a national park system site or World Heritage site and document or display:

i. When did it become a National Park, Monument, Seashore, heritage site, etc.?

ii. Where is it located?

iii. What is it known for?

iv. What interested you most about the site?

f. Present, write about, or make a short video about a current national park conservation project.

g. Watch a video of a minimum of 15 minutes about national parks and summarize what you saw.

h. Begin a national park passport booklet and collect five stamps from national parks or national park areas.