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Outdoor Leadership

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General Conference

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Outdoor Leadership
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
Year of Introduction
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1. Have the following honors: Camp Craft and Camping Skills I-III

2. Earn four of the following honors. From the list below restudy any previously earned honor so you can give a knowledgeable answer to the requirements.

a. Backpacking
b. Camping Skills IV
c. Fire Building & Camp Cookery
d. Hiking
e. Orienteering
f. Pioneering
g. Winter Camping

3. Have the First Aid honor.

4. Know what to do to overcome fear when lost. Know at least four ways to signal for help if lost in the wilderness.

5. Know at least four secular activities and four Sabbath activities to use in an out­door setting if you have a rainy day.

6. Do the following in an outdoor setting:

a. Plan, organize, and do the teaching of one nature honor to a group of youth.

b. Assist in teaching camping skills required in any camping honor and/or AY Class requirements to a group of youth.

c. Determine where the nearest hospital is located.

d. Determine where the nearest assistance from the police or a park ranger can be obtained.

7. Through the Bible and/or the writings of Ellen G. White study and learn how the outdoors influenced the following Bible characters:

a. Moses

b. David

c. Elijah

d. John the Baptist

e. Jesus

8. Know what considerations should be given in an outdoor setting with a group of youth in the following areas:

a. Camping safety

b. Fire safety

c. Sanitation

d. Swimming safety rules

e. Rules for conduct

f. Proper Sabbath observance

9. List at least six ways you can keep the out-of-doors beautiful for others to enjoy.

10. Know at least ten qualities of a good youth leader.