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1. Have the Basic Drawing Honor.

2. Create a Color wheel using crayon or color pencil. Include and understand:

a. Primary Colors

b. Secondary Colors

c. Tertiary Colors

d. Neutral Colors

e. Warm/Cool Colors

f. Tints

g. Shades

h. Complementary colors

3. Create a Value Scale of a warm and a cool color, using color pencil.

4. Name seven (7) color media.

5. What is the difference between water based and oil-based paints? Name 2 of each type.

6. What paint medium was made with egg yolk?

7. Define the following and tell how they are used:

a. Gesso

b. Masking fluid (Miskit)

c. Mineral Spirits/Turpentine

d. Palette

e. Easel

8. Describe what the following brushes are used for:

a. Rounds

b. Flats

c. Liner Brush

d. Fan Brush

e. Mop Brush

9. What is the best way to care for paint brushes?

10. Describe and be able to explain the difference between:

a. Realistic Art

b. Abstract Art

11. Know the difference and show examples of the following subject matter:

a. Portrait

b. Landscape

c. Still Life

d. Abstract

12. Draw and paint, in your choice of color media, a still life or floral subject.

13. Paint a landscape showing linear perspective.

14. Paint a portrait of a friend and/or favorite pet from a photo.

15. Memorize Psalms 19:1. Discuss how this text inspires your Artwork.