AY Honor Physical Fitness Requirements used by North American Division

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Physical Fitness

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Physical Fitness
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1. List ten benefits of being physically fit.

2. Know how the following help to achieve a balance for your body:

a. Exercise

b. Proper eating

c. Emotional stability

3. Define the following exercises:

a. Isometric:

b. Isotonic:

c. Isokinetic:

d. Anaerobic:

e. Aerobic:

4. Know the meaning of the principles involved in the following exercise program:

a. Warm up

b. Aerobic exercises

c. Cool down

d. Calisthenics

5. Know how to determine your heart rate at rest and after exercise.

6. Know how to determine the minimum rate at which your heart should be beating to obtain the best aerobic conditioning effect.

7. Using the four steps given in requirement 4, do a regular exercise program at least four times a week for three months. Keep a chart of the following:

a. Type of warm-up exercises performed

b. Type of aerobic exercises performed

c. How long aerobic exercises were performed

d. Type of calisthenics performed