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Prophets & Prophecy - Advanced

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North American Division

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Prophets & Prophecy - Advanced
Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
Skill Level
Approval authority
North American Division
Year of Introduction

Prologue: Teacher's Notes

1. Complete the Prophets & Prophecy honor.

2. What were the roles of a prophet in strengthening the church?

3. Explain the various roles Moses fulfilled for God and how some prophets can be more task-oriented rather than prediction-oriented.

4. List all of the roles of the following prophets:

a. Samuel

b. Ezekiel

c. Hosea

d. Elijah

e. Elisha

f. John the Revelator

g. Deborah

h. Ellen G.White

5. Are all of the writings or utterances of the prophets inspired by the Lord? Cite examples and phrases that give clues to support your answer.

6. Read Revelation 2 concerning the discussion of the seven churches and the messenger that was sent to each church. Discuss if that messenger was indeed a prophet.

7. Explain how the day-to-year interpretation of biblical time prophecy influenced William Miller and others in their understanding of 1844.

8. Research three Old Testament prophecies, each describing the birth, life, or death of Jesus Christ.

9. Choose one of the minor prophets and examine:
The time frame they lived
To whom they prophesied
The core message of the prophecy
The power or principality God used to fulfill the immediate prophecy
The message that is relevant for today

10. Read Daniel 7 and diagram which portion of the prophecy has come to pass, as well as the portion of the prophecy that is ahead of us.

11. Study the prophecy of Daniel 7. Compare and contrast the Seventh-day Adventist interpretation of this prophecy to other Protestant churches.

12. Explain the importance of the Message of John the Revelator to the last day church. Study Revelation 1-4 and 18-22 to become acquainted with John’s message.

13. Read Joel 2:28-29. Consider and discuss the fact that if we are living in the end time, God may send more prophets.

14. For every good thing God sends to us, the Devil sends a counterfeit. How do you distinguish a true prophet from a false prophet?

15. Nostradamus and Rasputin are considered to have many predictions come true. Examine and identify their lives and their prophecies and why we consider them false prophets.

16. Research and discuss the historical and current understandings of the 1260 day prophecy and its timeline.

17. Create a graphical representation of the timeline of the 2300-day prophecies. Discuss your confidence in the start and end date.