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1. Define Recycling.

2. What does R.R.R. stand for? How can we do each “R” in our school/club, home, and community?

3. What is the Plastic Identification Recycling Code?

4. Who developed the first recycle logo or symbol?

5. As a group, discuss at least two Bible references where God commands us to take care of His earth.

6. What are the reasons you should recycle?

7. Define the following recycling categories: Aluminum, plastics (PETE/PET, HDPE, V/PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, Other #7), Bi-metal, glass, steel. Identify everyday products that belong in each category. What recycling methods are available in your community to handle each type?

8. What are un-coded Plastics? Are they able to be recycled?

9. Name 7 states and 7 foreign countries who currently run buy-back recycling programs.

10. Find and read three current articles in magazines or newspapers or world wide web that talk about some aspect of recycling.

11. Draw, sketch, photograph or download the official recycling symbol(s) for your state/country.

12. If applicable, name eight CONTAINERS that are recyclable for cash in your state or country's beverage container recycling program.

13. Individually or as a group, design and create a recycling poster for your club, church or school.

14. Individually or with a group, make one of the following crafts from recycled materials:

a. Bird feeding station

b. Hummingbird feeding station

c. Lighthouse in a bottle

d. Ocean in a bottle

15. Do the following:

a. Spend 8 hours collecting and processing recyclable items in your area.

b. Show your ability to correctly sort recyclable items.

c. Work with your club to hold a recycling program for a minimum of 3 months, using the proceeds as a fundraiser for your club.

d. At the end of the 3 months evaluate your program. Give a report (oral or written) about what you learned, how much you (earned), and how you/your club spent it on.