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Rivers and Streams - Advanced

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Rivers and Streams - Advanced
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
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1. Earn the Rivers and Streams honor.

2. Spend at least one day in a river or stream habitat. Arrange for some service project to participate in (clean up, trail making, helping others learn about this specific habitat).

3. Write a report about the following things (including maps, photographs or drawings may help):

a. What river or stream did you visit?
b. When did you visit?
c. What did you do there?
d. New information you learned about this type of habitat you beyond what was learned in the basic honor.
e. Information about the specific river or stream you visited.
f. Describe the service project you did (be specific).
g. What did you learn about yourself while doing the service project?
h. What did you learn about this habitat while doing this service project?