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Rocks & Minerals

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General Conference

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Rocks & Minerals
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
Year of Introduction
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1. Distinguish between rocks and minerals.

2. Have a collection of at least fifteen specimens correctly named. Label each specimen with collector's name, date, and locality in which it was found.

3. Define and name two examples each (from specimens or pictures) of:

a. Igneous

b. Sedimentary

c. Metamorphic

4. What is meant by Mohs' scale of hardness? Name the minerals in order in Mohs' scale.

5. Define cleavage, specific gravity, luster, color, streak, texture, crystal.

a. Cleavage

b. Specific gravity

c. Luster

d. Color

e. Streak

f. Texture

g. Crystal

6. Name four uses for rocks and four uses for minerals.

7. Tell of four Bible incidents in which a rock was significant.

8. What are the foundation stones of the New Jerusalem?