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Rocks & Minerals - Advanced

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General Conference

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Rocks & Minerals - Advanced
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
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1. Have the Rocks and Minerals honor.

2. Have a collection of 30 rocks and minerals properly named, 20 of which you have personally collected. Label with collector's name, date and locality in which it was found.

3. Know two minerals that belong to each of the following crystal systems:

a. Isometric

b. Hexagonal

c. Tetragonal

4. Know Mohs' scale of hardness and the simplified field tests of hardness. By using these field tests, collect a scale range of specimens from your own region to form your own hardness test set.

5. Do one of the following:

a. Know and tell two different processes by which metals are extracted from ores.

b. Know eight minerals and tell how each is used.

6. Define the following:

a. Crystalline

b. Cryptocrystalline

c. Breccia

d. Noncrystalline

e. Fibrous fracture

f. Vitreous luster

g. Geode

h. Petrification

i. Stalactite

j. Fluorescence

7. What four metals are frequently found in native or free form?

8. Discuss the content of three statements from the writings of Ellen G. White concerning rocks or minerals.