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1. Describe the shape and size of three types of snowshoes and when/how they might be used (Aerobic/running, recreation, mountaineering).

2. Describe the following snowshoe accessories and their usefulness while snowshoeing:

a. Trekking poles

b. Hiking boots

c. Gaiters

3. Demonstrate proper technique of the following while using snowshoes:

a. Turning

b. Ascending

c. Descending

d. Breaking Trail

4. Explain the principles of maintaining body warmth and dryness through the correct use of proper clothing, under various winter conditions, while traveling and resting. Know how to successfully prevent and treat hypothermia in winter conditions.

5. Explain the safety value of the following practices:

a. Taking and understanding how to use a good map and compass or hiking GPS.

b. Leaving a plan with someone when you are snowshoeing.

c. Snowshoeing with a partner.

d. Carrying sufficient water and snacks.

e. Carrying a first aid, survival, and repair kits.

6. Demonstrate how to get up if you are wearing a pair of snowshoes after falling in the snow.

7. Demonstrate the importance of bindings and be able to correctly fasten your boots in the binding of your snowshoes.

8. Take a series of three hikes – a short hike, a one-mile hike, and a two-mile hike. Make a detailed report describing the approximate depth and condition of the snow, plants and animals, and the approximate speed at which you travelled.

9. Explain the meaning of the term “whiter than snow” found is Psalm 51:7. What other natural metaphors could you use to demonstrate the meaning of this verse?