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Soap Craft - Advanced

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North American Division

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Soap Craft - Advanced
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North American Division
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1. Have the Soap Craft Honor.

2. What types of fats can be used in making soap?

3. What is used in making soap transparent?

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of soap and detergent?

5. What are some cleaning aids added to soap mixtures?

6. What makes soap float?

7. What makes soap hard?

8. Learn the following verses: Jeremiah 2:22, Malachi 3:2.

9. Explain two methods of making soap. Make a batch of soap by one of these methods.

10. Do one of the following:

a. Visit a soap-making establishment, commercial or non-commercial.

b. Obtain information from a soap-making firm about how soap is made.

c. Study and prepare from an encyclopedia or another source a one- to two-page report that explains how soap is made.