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North American Division

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North American Division
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1. What education credentials are required for teaching the following:

a. Day care

b. Preschool

c. Elementary school

d. Secondary school

e. College

2. What is the importance of teacher recertification?

3. Interview at least two teachers, asking each the following questions:

a. What inspired you to become a teacher?

b. What are some responsibilities of a teacher?

c. What aspects of teaching do you like the best?

d. What aspects of teaching do you like the least?

e. What activities do you engage in to prepare for a school year?

f. How do you prepare for a school day?

g. What teacher-related activities do you do after school dismisses each day?

h. What are some qualities of a good teacher?

4. Ask two teachers to tell you about two or more of the following teaching methods that they have found useful. Have them give examples of how they have used that method.

a. Adaptive learning

b. One-to-one

c. Asynchronous learning

d. Differentiated learning

e. Flipped classroom

f. Gamification

g. M-Learning

h. Personalized Learning

i. Project-based Learning

j. Place-based Learning

5. What is a lesson plan and why is it used? Have a teacher show you a sample lesson plan they have used.

6. Explore the Bible and the book Education by Ellen G. White to learn what teaching methods Jesus used. Compare and contrast teaching methods of Jesus to at least one from question 3. Present an oral report on what you learned.

7. Complete one of the following:

a. If you are 16 years old or younger, do two of the following for a minimum of 40 minutes per week for three weeks:

i. Assist a teacher in designing and preparing a bulletin board.

ii. Assist a teacher in preparing learning aids.

iii. Assist a teacher in developing a lesson plan.

iv. With the supervision of a teacher, teach a child or class at least one teaching methods concept.

b. If you are older than 16 years, do three of the following:

i. Teach an adults’ or children’s Sabbath School class for a minimum of six weeks.

ii. Teach in a department of Vacation Bible School.

iii. Teach three AY Honors.

iv. Assist in teaching requirements for one of the Investiture Achievement classes, culminating in investiture.

v. Teach a seminar from the AYMT (Adventist Youth Ministry Training) Staff curriculum.