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1. What education is needed for teaching the following:

a. Elementary school,
b. Secondary school,
c. College

2. What is re-certification?

3. Interview at least two teachers with the following questions:

a. Why did you choose to become a teacher?
b. What part of teaching do you like the best?
c. What part of teaching do you like the least?
d. What do you do to get ready for a school year?
e. What do you do to get ready for a school day?
f. What teacher-related activities do you do after school is out each day?
g. What are some qualities of a good teacher?
h. What are the responsibilities and duties of a teacher?

4. Explore the Bible and the book Education by Ellen G. White to learn what teaching methods Jesus used. Present a three-minute oral report on what you learned.

5. If you are 16 years old or younger, do the following for a minimum of 40 minutes per week for three weeks.

a. Assist a teacher in designing and preparing a bulletin board.
b. Assist a teacher in preparing learning aids.
c. With the supervision of a teacher, teach a child or class at least one concept.

6. If you are older than 16 years, do three of the following:

a. Teach an adult's or children's Sabbath School class for a minimum of six weeks.
b. Teach in one day in each department of Vacation Bible School.
c. Teach two Honors from the Honors Handbook.
d. Assist in teaching requirements for one of the AY classes, culminating in investiture.
e. Teach at least one year in an elementary or secondary school or in a college.