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North American Division

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North American Division
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1. Describe two current video formats and how increased resolution affects storage requirements.

2. Identify the video file format that your video equipment can produce.

3. Demonstrate how to start/pause/stop a video recording on a camera.

4. Describe what the following terms mean and demonstrate them:

a. Panning

b. Tilting

c. Zooming

5. Using equipment on hand, demonstrate how to set up a tripod and mount a camera. Use the built-in level bubble if equipped.

6. Verify that any video or audio used in your clip complies with applicable copyright law.

7. Create a short, simple clip and show it in a public place, like church, or social media. Video ideas include:

a. Object lesson

b. Music video clip

c. Bible story (dramatized, puppets, acted, etc.)

d. Nature

e. Modern life dilemma

f. Advertisement for church program, publication

g. Etc.

8. Discuss how streaming video technology contributes to the spreading of the gospel of Jesus, as found in Mark 16:15.