AY Honor Wilderness Leadership - Advanced Requirements

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Wilderness Leadership - Advanced

Skill Level






Approval authority

General Conference

Wilderness Leadership Advanced AY Honor.png
Wilderness Leadership - Advanced
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
Year of Introduction

1. Have the following honors:

a. Edible Wild Plants

b. Outdoor Leadership

c. Wilderness Leadership

d. Wilderness Living

2. Know and practice the principles of camouflage and tracking.

3. What physical and mental preparations are necessary before a wilderness experience?

4. Demonstrate some skills necessary for wilderness leadership in two of the follow­ing areas not completed for the Wilderness Leadership honor:

a. Tropical

b. Desert

c. Swamp

d. Mountain (rocks, ice, high altitude)

e. Plain and tundra

f. Temperate forest

5. Demonstrate the construction and operation of two types of snares or traps.

6. Know the points of consideration in the following types of travel:

a. Glacial

b. Mountain

c. Snow

d. Water

7. Understand the principles of developing a faith in divine leadership as outlined in Psalms 91.

8. Understand what steps should be taken for the survival of the wilderness.

9. Assist in instructing one honor listed in requirement 1 of the Wilderness Leadership honor.

10. Build a shelter from non-living but natural materials (such as a debris hut).

11. Plan and participate in a week's wilderness camping experience, applying the principles and skills learned in this honor.