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Winter Camping

Skill Level






Approval authority

General Conference

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Winter Camping
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
Year of Introduction
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1. Earn the Camp Craft honor.

2. Make up a complete list of necessary camping equipment for winter conditions, such as possible sub-zero (-18° C) temperatures, storms, and snow.

3. Explain the principles of maintaining body warmth and dryness through the proper use of clothing and sleeping gear under all temperatures down to zero while traveling, resting, and sleeping.

4. List and explain the characteristics of winter campsite selection.

5. Describe, or show where possible, the preparation of a level tent site in snow and pitch a tent in winter conditions.

6. Prepare a balanced three-day menu to be used in your winter camping experience.

7. Know how to get water from snow.

8. Know five safety rules of winter camping.

9. Explain the proper steps to take if stranded without equipment in winter conditions.

10. Show knowledge of and ability to prevent, recognize, and care for mild frostbite, hypothermia, mild snow blindness, and dehydration.

11. Spend a total of six days and nights in cold weather camping.

a. All nights should have temperature lows in the 40's (5° C).

b. Two nights should have temperature lows below freezing (0° C).

c. All nights should be spent in tents, tarps, or the open.