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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Nature/Worms/Requirements

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Authority: General Conference
Category: Nature
Skill Level: 1
Year Introduced: 2006
Worms Honor.png


1. What is a worm?

2. Where do worms live?

3. What do worms eat?

4. What kingdom are worms found in?

5. Name the 3 major phyla (the next largest category of classification) that contain worms, and describe them.

6. What do “free living” and “parasitic” mean?

7. Which phyla, mentioned in question 5, are free living or parasitic?

8. Answer the following questions about earthworms.

a. Where do they live?

b. What do they eat?

c. How are they helpful to humans?

d. How short and how long do they get?

e. How many are there in one square meter of soil?

f. How many species are there?

g. What is the clitelum?

9. Find an earthworm outside and do the following:

a. Be able to distinguish the following parts: Head end, Tail end, and clitelum.

b. Observe, and describe how it moves.

c. How long does it take your worm to move one foot?

d. Race your earthworms!

10. Answer the following questions about leeches.

a. Where do they live?

b. What do they eat?

c. How are they harmful to humans?

d. How are they helpful to humans?

11. Find a verse in the Bible where worms are mentioned and demonstrate the story (through music, poem or drama)