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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Outreach/South American Culture

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South American Culture
South American Division


Skill Level 1
Year of Introduction: 2019

Limited Availability



1. Describe which countries make up the South American Division of the SDA church and state three or four typical characteristics of the culture of each country, which can be language, flag, typical food, customs and typical clothing.

2. Choose a native South American tribe or civilization and prepare a visual presentation with about five photos per poster, video or PowerPoint about their history and customs.

3. Describe in 25 to 35 lines how the Spanish and Portuguese colonization occurred in South America and how the independence of the South American countries occurred. Describe what other peoples and immigrants helped build the South American towns in your country.

4. Describe at least eight regions that can be identified and are growing in South America, how the Adventist Church came to this continent and how it carries out its work. State the year the SDA church arrived in each country and detail in 10 lines how it arrived to your country.

5. What is the name of and where is the driest desert in the world located?

6. What is the highest mountain in South America? What is its height and location?

7. What is the area with the most forest in South America? State at least three species of animals found in that forest.

8. Choose a biome from South America and describe the climate, animals and ecology on at least one page.

a. Pantanal

b. Cerrado

c. Pampa

d. Atlantic Forest

e. Caatinga

f. Mangue

g. Different types of South American coastlines

h. Andes Mountains

i. Patagonia

9. Describe five species of animals only found in South America.

10. Conduct an interview in person or online with a Pathfinder (10 to 15 years old) from a different South American country and ask: What are the Pathfinders of your country like? What honors do you like to do the most? What do you like most about your country? What places in South America would you like to visit? If possible, exchange a trophy, badge or shirt with this new friend.