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Knot Tying
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Knots are useful far beyond the confines of your shoelaces. If you know how to tie them, they are easy to untie and can be used to build shelters in the wild, strap cargo down, or join two short ropes into a longer one.

Investiture Achievement Connection: This Honor is related to the Investiture Achievement requirements for Outdoor Living which require Friends to tie and know the practical use of 10 knots, Companions to tie and know the practical use of 20 knots, Explorers to earn the Knot Tying Honor, while Guides must teach the Knot Tying Honor. Master Guides are also required to earn or hold the Knot Tying Honor.

The Challenging Part

The most challenging requirement of this honor is probably this:

9. Make a knot board showing 25 or more knots.