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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Swimming - Intermediate

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Swimming - Intermediate
General Conference


Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 1929

Complete the Red Cross Swimming level V - Stroke Refinement or the following:

While it is not required that you have a professional teach you (or your kids) to swim, it is highly advisable. Check with your local pool (a local college, or YMCA for example) to see what kind of swimming courses are offered. If you are unsure where your nearest American Red Cross (ARC), or YMCA is, then check online at: Red Cross (in the middle near the top there is a place to enter your zip code so that you can locate your locale ARC chapter); or YMCA (there is a box off to the left that will allow you to enter your zip code). If you choose to not have a professional teach you, you will find the requirements below.

1. Demonstrate alternate breathing.

2. Demonstrate stride jump entry.

3. Demonstrate standing dive from board.

4. Demonstrate long shallow dive.

5. Swim breaststroke--ten yards.

6. Swim side stroke--ten yards.

7. Swim underwater-15 yards.

8. Swim elementary backstroke--25 yards.

9. Demonstrate dolphin kick--10 yards.

10. Swim front crawl--50 yards.

11. Swim back crawl--10 yards.

12. Demonstrate open turn on front.

13. Demonstrate open turn on back.

14. Discuss safe rules for diving from a board.

15. Discuss recognition of spinal injury.

16. Demonstrate hip/shoulder support.

17. Demonstrate feet-first surface dive.

18. Tread water for two minutes total with two different kicks.


Red Cross Water Safety Instructor's Manual