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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Tumbling & Balancing - Advanced

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Tumbling & Balancing - Advanced
General Conference


Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 1976

(Instructor Required)

1. Have the Tumbling and Balancing honor.

This Wiki has a page with instructions and tips for earning the Tumbling & Balancing honor.

2. Perform the following stunts with poise and form:

a. Serial cartwheel

b. Cartwheel

c. Front handspring

d. Back handspring

e. Round off

3. Go over stretches:

a. Legs, ankles, calves

b. Arms, wrists

c. Back, neck

4. Perform any four with poise and form.

a. Front flip

b. Tinsica

A tinsica is a walkover where the hands and feet are placed in progression, i.e. hand, hand, foot, foot. Starts out as a cartwheel and then the body is twisted to end as a front walk-over.

c. Barani

d. Front walkover

Like a very slow front handspring. Hands down, feet over, stand up.

e. Back walkover

f. Scorpion poise

5. Perform three balances with form and poise:

a. Press handstand from head stand

b. One handed handstand, alternate for girls – back walkover headstand

c. Pirouette

d. Straight arm plank, alternate for girls – control straddle from handstand

e. Stag double handstand

f. Hand stand press

6. Perform four with stunt partner

a. Toe pitch

b. High arm to arm

c. High hand to hand

d. Star

e. High back angel

f. High hand to foot

7. Choose to do one with poise and form

a. Rondant back handspring

b. Rondant two back hand springs

c. Tinsica front somersault

d. Back somersault, back handspring