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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Vocational/Sign Language Interpreter

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Sign Language Interpreter
South American Division


Skill Level 3
Year of Introduction: 2012

Limited Availability



Note: Have a professional certification in sign language interpretation issued by the country or an authorized and accredited institution; or meet the following requirements:

1. Have the Sign Language - Advanced Honor.

This Wiki has a page with instructions and tips for earning the Sign Language - Advanced honor.

2. Do research on the world history of deaf people, starting from Pedro Ponce de León, and write an essay of at least 500 words, or make a 5 minute oral presentation.

3. What is the classifier? What is the importance of this grammatical structure in sign language?

4. Research about legislation in your country that deals with the deaf or sign language. What are the duties and rights of deaf people contained in these legal documents?

5. Why should the expression "deaf and dumb" not be used for deaf people?

6. Regarding the profession of interpreter, research the following topics:

a. What does it take to be a sign language interpreter?

b. What are the job opportunities in your country for this profession?

c. Which institutions in your country offer these sign language courses?

d. Are there university or graduate courses on sign language in your country? What is the professional profile of those who have been trained in these courses?

7. How does the competency certification in Sign Language in your country work? What are the criteria for obtaining this certification? What are the advantages of obtaining it?

8. Fulfill one of the following requirements:

a. Be an interpreter in your church, interpreting at least once a week for a minimum of six months.

b. Work as an interpreter in any institution or company, for at least three months.

c. Be an instructor of a sign language course for at least one semester.

d. If you have already met requirements a, b or c in the past, meet one of them again for at least one month.