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Voyager/Serving Others

Requirement 1

Fulfill requirements #1, #2 and #3 of the Identifying Community Needs Honor.

For tips and instruction see Identifying Community Needs. The requirements are reproduced here for convenience:

1. Jesus understood the needs of his community because he went out and saw their needs. Read Matthew 9:35-38.

2. Select an urban or suburban neighborhood, a small town or a rural region on which to focus in the completion of the requirements for this honor.

3. Compile a file folder of information on the selected community, which could include:

3a. A map of the area
3b. A demographic profile
3c. Public health statistics
3d. Economic indicators
3e. Housing information
3f. Environment and transportation

Requirement 2

Fulfill requirement #4 of the Identifying Community Needs Honor.

A link to the answers for this honor may be found above. Requirement 4 reads as follows:

4. With an adult sponsor, take an awareness walk of or drive around a specific part of the selected community with the goal in mind of seeing human needs. List all of the needs you see such as yards and public areas that could be cleaned up, litter that could be picked up, lonely or aged people that could be helped, low-income families with children that could be assisted, etc.

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Requirement 3

Complete Voyager requirements.

You must complete the requirements listed above this one on the current page.

Requirement 4

Complete the Identifying Community Needs Honor, if not previously earned.

There are only two more requirements:

5. Ask a civic leader or community professional about the needs in the community, the various organizations that provide services in the community, and how a Christian youth group might make a contribution to the community. Take notes during the interview.
Alternate Requirement: Invite a civic leader or community professional to make a presentation to your Pathfinder Club, youth group, or church group to talk about these topics. Takes notes during the presentation.

6. Make a presentation of at least 10 minutes to a local church committee, community service organization, your Pathfinder Club or Unit, or a similar group. This presentation should include a report of the information you collected and at least 3 suggested projects that the local Adventist Community Services (in the United States), ADRA Canada (in Canada), Youth Empowered to Serve, or Pathfinder Club might provide which are needed in this community.