NAD Pilot for Dams & Hydroelectricity Requirements

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NAD Pilot for Dams & Hydroelectricity

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NAD Pilot for
Dams & Hydroelectricity
Skill Level

1. What is a dam? Briefly describe what it does and how it is different from a levee.

2. Explain how beavers build dams and why. How do beaver dams affect the environment? How else can dams be created in nature?

3. What are the benefits of dams? What are some potentially negative aspects of dams?

4. Complete one of the following:

a. Research or interview an engineer or other expert on dam safety. Have the expert explain the inspection techniques that they use to identify a failing dam.

5. List five materials historically used in constructing a dam embankment.

6. Explain the following terms:

a. Arch Dam

b. Buttress Dam

c. Gravity Dam

d. Diversion Dam

e. Hydroelectric Dam

f. Levee or Dike

g. Locks

h. Low Head Dam

i. Run-of-the-river Dam

j. Saddle Dam

k. Cut-off Trench

l. Fish Passage/Ladder

m. Rock Toe

n. Spillway

o. Piping

7. Explain why someone should consider a low-head dam dangerous and avoid while canoeing, kayaking, or swimming.

8. Make a sketch of a hydroelectric dam and label the following components:

  • Forebay
  • Tailbay
  • Rotor
  • Stator
  • Shaft
  • Wicket gates (guide vanes)
  • Runner or trubine
  • Penstock
  • Spiral case
  • Draft tube

9. Describe the function of the following hydroelectric dam components:

a. Rotor and stator

b. Wicket gates

c. Runner

10. What are the different types of runners or turbines?

11. How do the following items affect the consideration, design or construction of a dam?

a. Wildlife

b. Water quality

c. Emergency Spillway

d. Emergency Action Plan

e. Safety

f. Geotechnical investigations

g. Discharge structure

h. Slope stability

i. Hydrology and hydrologic analysis

j. Flow net analysis

k. Permitting

12. Read Daniel 5 and research how Darius the Mede captured Babylon. Find two other places in the bible where dams were mentioned.