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Currency - Advanced

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General Conference

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Currency - Advanced
Arts, Crafts and Hobbies
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Approval authority
General Conference
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Have the Currency (Coins) honor.

For tips and instruction see Currency.

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Select a coin or note from your collection and present an oral or written report on the historical or other significance of the person(s), place(s), item(s) or symbol(s) found on both sides.


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What are the laws regarding counterfeiting in your country and what devices are used in your nation's currency to prevent it?


Attend a meeting of a local coin club and report on your experience. Possible items to consider:
a. Level of expertise of members as demonstrated by presentations and dialogues.
b. Average general age of attendees.
c. Ideas which might help the club extend its collector interest to a wider audience.
d. How newcomer friendly is the organization.
e. Suggestions on how these people might be reached with the gospel through a manner which they would find attractive.

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Select one of the three categories of your collection as required under the Currency Honor requirements 7 and 8, and increase your collection to include twice the total number of specimens.


Add to your collection at least one of the unusual (odd and curious) forms learned about in requirement 1 of the Currency Honor requirements and have in your Currency Honor files, at least a paragraph summarizing how, when and where this item was used as currency.

Requirement 1 reproduced below for simplicity

1. Relate briefly the story of barter, showing three reasons why money came into being and naming at least ten strange forms of money used in place of coins or currency.