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Moths & Butterflies

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Moths & Butterflies
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Can you imagine anything more beautiful than a butterfly's wing? Grow closer to God as you study another aspect of his amazing creation!

Investiture Achievement Connection: This Honor is related to the Investiture Achievement requirements for VOYAGER Nature Study which require (as one of two options) collecting or photographing and identifying 10 species of butterflies which is a good start on Requirement 7 of this Honor. Requirement 8 of this Honor parallels VOYAGER Nature Study requirement 1b. This Honor is a popular choice for the Level 2 or 3 Nature Honor required of FRONTIER VOYAGERS.

The Challenging Part

The most challenging requirement of this honor is probably this:

7. Identify in the field, then draw, photograph or collect 25 species of moths and butterflies, with not more than two specimens of any one variety. When collecting, specimens should be anesthetized by using carbon tetrachloride or other chemical in collecting jar. In either project correctly label and include the following information:

a. Name
b. Date observed
c. Location
d. Time of day
e. Plant on which the insect was feeding or the material on which it was perched