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Basic Water Safety

Skill Level






Approval authority

General Conference

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Basic Water Safety
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
Year of Introduction

1. Enter and exit the water unassisted.

2. While holding your breath, fully submerge your face under water for five seconds.

3. Alternately inhale through the mouth above the surface and blow bubbles through the mouth/nose, with face completely submerged, seven times rhythmically and continuously.

4. Open your eyes under water and retrieve submerged objects two times.

5. Calmly attempt to front float for five seconds.

6. Front glide for two body lengths.

7. Calmly attempt to back float for fifteen seconds.

8. Holding on to the side of the pool, kick with your feet for twenty seconds.

9. Using arm and leg motion, swim five body lengths.

10. Learn to put on a Life Jacket and float for thirty seconds.

11. Demonstrate water safety by:

a. How to call for help in case of an emergency.

b. Learn how to release a cramp.

c. Demonstrate reaching assist.

d. Learn at least ten safety rules when around water.