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Disaster Ministries

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North American Division

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Disaster Ministries
Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
Skill Level
Approval authority
North American Division
Year of Introduction

Prologue: This honor is available only to clubs inside the North American Division. For those outside the North American Division, use the Disaster Response honor instead.

1. Read Matthew 24:1-14 and pages 589-590 from The Great Controversy by Ellen White. Discuss with your Pathfinder unit or class how current events are reflected in these passages.

2. Explain the type of damage most likely to occur to homes and individuals for each of the following major types of disaster:

a. Hurricanes

b. Tornado

c. Floods

d. Earthquakes

e. Wildfires

3. Identify the disasters most likely to occur in your area.

4. Describe briefly the types of services provided to survivors of disasters by Adventist Community Services (ACS – in the United States and Bermuda) or ADRA Canada (in Canada).

5. Identify at least five other governmental agencies or voluntary organizations that respond to disasters in your country.

6. Read a report from ACS (http://www.communityservices.org) or ADRA Canada (http://www.adra.ca/wp/) concerning a recent disaster response project.

7. Complete the course “Introduction to Disaster Preparedness” provided by Adventist Community Services Disaster Response (contact your local Conference Adventist Community Services Disaster Response Coordinator for information on obtaining this training). Course from ADRA Canada must be identified.

8. Find a Bible text that you might use to comfort and encourage an individual of your same age and gender that has just experienced the total loss of their home, and tell why you chose that text.