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1. Explain and demonstrate the main points of good hiking practice, such as pacing, speed, resting, and etiquette.

2. Explain the importance and method of proper foot care with regard to cleanliness, care of nails, socks, shoe selection, and first aid of tender or blistered feet.

3. Make a list of proper clothing to be worn on a hike in both hot and cool weather.

4. Make a list of needed gear for a long day hike in the wilderness and a short coun­try hike.

5. List five safety and courtesy rules to be used in wilderness trail hiking and road hiking.

6. Explain the importance of drinking water and list three signs of contaminated water.

7. Explain the importance of proper eating while hiking.

8. Describe proper clothing and foot gear for cold and hot wet weather hiking.

9. Submit a written plan for a 10-mile (16.1 km) hike which includes: map route, clothing list, equipment list, and water and/or food.

10. Use a topographical map and/or a road map in planning and doing one of the hikes in Requirement 11.

11. Have the following hiking record:

a. One five-mile (8 km) rural or town hike

b. One five-mile ( 8 km) hike on a wilderness trail

c. Two 10-mile (16.1 km) day hikes on different routes

d. One 15-mile (24.2 km) hike on a wilderness trail

e. Within a month of each hike, write a short report, giving dates, routes cov­ered, weather, and any interesting things you saw.