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Word Processing

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Word Processing
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North American Division
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Complete the following:


Briefly describe the meaning of the term ‘word processing.’

The use of software to create and format written documents into effective, easy to read, useful works.


List the hardware needed for word processing.

A computer with screen and keyboard. A printer is also useful but not absolutely required.


Demonstrate correct posture while using a keyboard.

Like your mother told you, sit up straight! Hold your hands correctly to avoid strain on the wrists. Feet should be pointing in front of you, resting full feet on the floor. comfortable chair height means your eyes are looking straight at the upper third of the screen and your elbows are at a 90 degree angle. A pad for your palm if using a desktop keyboard is recommended to avoid long term illness such as carpel tunnel syndrome.


Demonstrate ability to correctly:


Switch on the hardware and open the word processing software.

You will need to find the on switch for the computer and the screen. After the computer boots up, locate the icon for the word processing software and select it so that the software starts.

If you are using the Google Suite of programs (Google Docs), simply double click the icon for Chrome browser, then navigate to drive.google.com or docs.google.com.


Close all documents and software, then shutdown / turn-off all hardware.

The stability of your computer is enhanced when you first close all programs before shutting down the power. Most computers have an icon in the lower left or right corner that includes a "power off" button. On pre-2007 computers, there was often a physical button that was pushed to start and turn off a system.


Demonstrate ability to: (Note that this may be done in conjunction with Requirement 5)

The exact process will depend on the type of operating system and word processing software used.


Navigate the computer’s document / file storage system (viz Microsoft’s ‘My Documents’).

MS Word: File, Open. Folder appear on the left, with files and sub-folders on the right. Right click of shift click (MAC) to create new folders Google Docs - Use google Drive to see your folders and use the "New" menu to add additional folders to specific folders. To quickly choose where a file will be saved (which folder) simply navigate (double click) until you are inside that folder, then click "New" and then the type of file to create a new file in that folder. NOTE: Folders can be colored! Right click (two-finger click MAC/Chromebook), "change color" and then choose your color! Any file already listed in a folder can be opened by double clicking it. The correct app/program or google program will open it in a new window or tab.


Retrieve / open a document from the computer’s document / file storage system.

MS Word - File | Open Google Docs - Go to Google Drive and find the file and double click it. If accessing from Google docs, find it in your recent list and double click.


Create a new folder in the computer’s document / file storage system.

Microsoft Windows: From the File Browser, right click | New | a new folder will appear. Double click the words "New folder" and rename it to match its content. Google Drive: drive.google.com - Click the "New" button and select folder. Two.click/right click to bring up the menu that allows you to "rename" the folder something that matches its content You can color the folder with the same two-click/right click | change color


Create a new word-processing document.

MS Word: File | New. You can usually choose a template or select "blank document". Untitled is the default name. You must file | Save as... to give it a name. Google Docs: docs.google.com choose a template or "blank document." Double click in the title area in the upper left side and change "untitled" to a document name that matches its content. Google Drive: drive.google.com Choose the button "New" | Doc. It will open a blank document. Double click in the title area in the upper left side and change "untitled" to a document name that matches its content.


Give the new document a suitable file name and save it in the appropriate folder in the computer’s document / file storage system. Explain why it is important to ensure that a document being worked on is continually saved and backed up.

These days, the previous requirement and this one are simultaneous actions, so instructions for this requirement are given above. NEVER leave a document untitled. It will make it impossible to find later. MS Word and Google Docs will select a title from the first line of text in most cases, but this is seldom the best title for the document.

It is IMPORTANT that files are saved so that you don't lose data. Once a file is saved initially (MS Word) most current version will continue to auto save about every 5 minutes. Google Suite program auto update every few seconds, and have a very robust "document changes" feature so that you can see how the document has been edited over time.


Ensure the document has its file name and its latest revision clearly noted on the document. Explain why it is important to do so.

These days this is depreciated since version history is available within digital documents and most documents no longer get printed. Most remain digital their entire lives. IF a document history is important, you can create a field that auto updates revisions. This function is not readily available in modern MS Word or Google Docs.


Create a document consisting of no less than 800 words and which demonstrates skill in applying each of the following. Save and print the document. Make a backup copy.

With various word processing software available and regular updates being issued to that software it is not practical for this answer book to provide comprehensive instructions on these steps. The built in helps in the software should make anything clear you do not understand.

While it seems a little silly to be teaching our "born on computers" Pathfinders how to use a computer, the correct use of word processing software to make documents attractive is a skill often missing in student's lives. Many honors require written reports so why not have the Pathfinders work on the written material for another honor while learning word processing skills.

NOTE: If this honor is being taught as a stand-alone, there is no need for this text to be original. Instead, legal content can be copied from the web (like wikipedia) and then word processing can be applied to make it beautiful. WORD PROCESSING is the subject of this honor.


Setting up a document:


Save the document in the appropriate folder. Make a new folder if this is best.

See requirement #4 for how to do this.


Set page orientation: portrait or landscape.

Google Docs - File | Page Setup. On the left side is the option for landscape. The default is portrait. Note that Portrait is taller than wide, whie landscape is wider than tall. If you have an orientation that is preferred (usually Portrait for school/work projects) check the box that says "default for my documents.


Create a header and footer.

Google Docs: In the menu select Format | Headers and Footers and enter text. OR double click in the top 1/2 inch of a document or the bottom 1/2 inch of the footer, and then enter your text.

You use headers and footers if you want specific words to appear on all pages. For example a title, or the last name of the author. You can combine this with page numbers (Format | page numbers) Typically, page numbers do not appear on the first page of a paper. Thus, you should check the box "different on first page."


Set margins.

Google Docs - File | Page Setup. The right side of the page allows you to input numbers. These numbers are all in inches. Default is 1.0 for Top, bottom, left, and right. Some teacher ask for your papers to have a 1.5 left margin. Remember this is in inches. If you are using a metric system in your school/club, please convert. 2.4 cm=1 inch.


Insert automatic page numbering in the header or footer.


Insert the date of the latest revision and the document’s file name in the header or footer.


Formatting a document using the following:


Fonts: Type (ie Arial etc), Size (ie 12 etc), Style (ie bold), Colour & Underlining.


Text alignment: Left, Centre, Right and Justify.


Line spacing.


Lists and bullets.


Numbering of headings.


Editing a document by:


Copying text.


Moving text.


Correcting spelling and grammar using auto correct.

In MS Word, green underlines mean there may be better ways to fix grammar in your sentence. Red underlines mean the word is misspelled. However, be aware that there,their, and they're are all spelled correctly but may not be caught by the grammar checker.

Google Docs also shows a red line for misspelled words. However, it depends on extensions you can install, to catch grammar errors.

There are apps such as grammarly that are better at catching such errors. However, the beautiful and well educated mind God gave you and that has learned a lot about grammar at school is the BEST source for correct grammar and spelling error-checks.


Searching and replacing words or text.


Inserting into a document:


A table with headings and a minimum of 3 columns and 5 rows.


A picture or Clip Art.

Wrapping the image with text, sizing the image to take up no more than 1/3 of the page and other such "visual" features are essential.

BE SURE to show your Pathfinders how to use LEGAL images in their publications. Just because an image is no the internet doesn't mean it is free to use in your publication. If using MS Word or Google Docs, images available under "insert image from web" are all "Creative Commons" and thus free to use. If inserting from your own computer, be sure you have the right to use those images.



This honor originated in the South Pacific Division which has a different design for the patch, which you can find here.

This honor is an update to the Typewriting Honor.