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Word Processing

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North American Division

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Word Processing
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North American Division
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Create documents like a pro by earning this honor. You will master page layout, headers, footers, tables, file organization, and more. These skills will serve your over and over again.

The Challenging Part

The most challenging requirement of this honor is probably this:

5. Create a document consisting of no less than 800 words and which demonstrates skill in applying each of the following. Save and print the document. Make a backup copy.

a. Setting up a document:

i. Save the document in the appropriate folder. Make a new folder if this is best.

ii. Set page orientation: portrait or landscape.

iii. Create a header and footer.

iv. Set margins.

v. Insert automatic page numbering in the header or footer.

vi. Insert the date of the latest revision and the document’s file name in the header or footer.

b. Formatting a document using the following:

i. Fonts: Type (ie Arial etc), Size (ie 12 etc), Style (ie bold), Colour & Underlining.

ii. Text alignment: Left, Centre, Right and Justify.

iii. Line spacing.

iv. Lists and bullets.

v. Numbering of headings.

c. Editing a document by:

i. Copying text.

ii. Moving text.

iii. Correcting spelling and grammar using auto correct.

iv. Searching and replacing words or text.

d. Inserting into a document:

i. A table with headings and a minimum of 3 columns and 5 rows.

ii. A picture or Clip Art.