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Master Guide
Master Guide
Master Guide
Approval authority
General Conference
Year of Introduction

1. Read a current book about “Leadership Skill Development” such as:

a. Positive Church in a Negative World by John Arrias

b. Take the Risk by Ben Carson

c. Ellen White on Leadership by Cindy Tutsh

d. Help! I’m being Followed by Clinton Valleyn

e. Another book that is approved by your conference Youth, Pathfinder or Adventurer Director, or their designated Master Guide representative.

2. Demonstrate your leadership skills by doing the following:

a. Develop and conduct three creative worships for children and/or teenagers.

b. Participate in a leadership role with your local church children’s/youth group in a Conference sponsored event.

c. Teach three Adventurer Awards or two Pathfinder Honors.

d. Assist in planning and leading a field trip for a group of Adventurers, Pathfinders or Sabbath School class.

e. Be an active Adventurer, Pathfinders, or Sabbath School staff member for at least one year and attend at least 75% of all staff meetings

3. Write personal goals that you would like to accomplish in your ministry.

4. Identify three current goals in your life, at least one of which is spiritually oriented, and list three goals or objects for each.