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Outdated Biblical Archaeology Honor.png

Outdated Biblical Archaeology Honor

Year Changed


Reason Changed

This patch was the original version for this proposed honor given out at the Forever Faithful Camporee in 2014 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The presentation was given in English and Spanish. It had a red background to denote its Vocational category and included a fedora hat (stereotypically associated with archaeologists due to the popularity of the Indiana Jones movies), a hand shovel, and an artifact. The South American Division had come up with a similar honor in 2012 and its requirements were combined and integrated to form the current requirements. The SAD's version of the patch design was also adopted, showcasing what appears to be an Egyptian mummy tomb and having a dark blue background, which belongs to the Spiritual Growth, Outreach & Heritage category.

Current Design

Click here to view current requirements and patch --> Biblical Archaeology