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Index of Outdated Insignia

Throughout the years, many AY honors have had their patches either be updated, redesigned, changed, or even discarded. This is usually due to a changing world and a need for requirements to be up-to-date with the latest discoveries, changing technology, differing cultures, and much more. While almost all honors are simply updated in requirements and/or design, there are also a few honors that no longer exist.

This page showcases several AY honor patches as they existed before they underwent design changes. The purpose of the page is three-fold: 1) Demonstrate the interesting designs, history, and legacy of Pathfindering; 2) Resolve any questions and confusion as to what a patch is supposed to look like, and 3) Identify patches that maybe many seasoned Pathfinders have on their sashes but might have forgotten what they are ;-)

You can click on the honor for a thorough explanation of why the changes were made. The patches are arranged by shape, color, and name.

If you have any honor patches that are outdated and you do not see it on this page, take a picture and upload it here!

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Outdated ADRA patches