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Note: All requirements should be completed in a safe environment with a gentle horse.

1. Label on an outline drawing of a horse, or point out on a live horse a minimum of 15 different parts of a horse.

2. Label on an outline drawing or point out on a real saddle and bridle: Western— minimum of 10 parts of the saddle and 6 parts of the bridle; English—minimum of 9 parts of the saddle and 7 parts of the bridle.

3. Demonstrate and explain the purpose of safety equipment while riding and work­ing around horses—riding helmet and boots (or hard soled shoes with a heel).

4. Demonstrate and explain a minimum of 5 rules to safely approach and lead a horse.

5. Demonstrate and explain a minimum of 5 safety rules for working around horses.

6. Demonstrate and explain safe grooming of a horse using the 4 basic tools—mane and tail comb, curry comb, stiff brush, and soft brush.

7. Demonstrate a safe mount (including tack check) and dismount.

8. Demonstrate a balanced seat while riding at a walk, including circles and reverses.

9. Demonstrate and explain start, stop, circles and reverses using the 4 natural aids—legs, hands, voice, and weight.

10. Demonstrate and explain 5 trail safety rules, including the following:

a. Be attentive to leader and alert to danger.

b. Use correct spacing.

c. Do not let your horse eat along the trail.

d. Never move faster than a walk on paved surfaces.

e. Always walk your horse when approaching or leaving a group of riders.

f. Use correct position for hills and obstacles.

11. Ride on a trail for a minimum of 3 cumulative hours following all safety rules and using correct position.