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1. Define the following types of waterfalls and give one example of each.

a. Block

b. Cascade

c. Horsetail

d. Plunge

e. Segmented

f. Tiered

2. Choose 10 waterfalls, including 2 from near the area or state in which you live, and list the following information about them: Name, Total Height, Waterfall Type, Watercourse, Location.

3. Complete two of the following activities.

a. Visit a waterfall and write a paragraph telling about your experience.

b. Choose a waterfall (other than ones in #2) of interest to you and record facts and interesting information about the falls that you have selected.

c. Watch a video about a waterfall.

d. Make a scrapbook about waterfalls. Include pictures of waterfalls and important information about each one. This may be a group project.

e. Using the information provided, create a crossword or word search puzzle:

4. Water is mentioned in each of the following verses. Describe what is happening in each verse, then tell what the water symbolizes.

a. John 9:11

b. John 13:5

c. Matthew 3:16