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(Complete one of the following.)

1. During at least one semester, trimester or quarter discharge satisfactorily the duties of an officer of the AY Society, Sabbath School, Temperance chapter, Student Association, Pathfinder Club, or other church or college-related leadership responsibility which in the estimation of the examiner appointed by the AY Gold Award Committee is the equivalent to the aforementioned offices.
2. Serve for at least ten weeks as a student missionary.
3. Actively engage for a period of not less than 12 weeks in church or college-sponsored Share Your Faith endeavors (such activities may include Voice of Youth evangelism, Friendship Teams, AY Community Service, Gift Bible Evangelism, One to One evangelism, ect.).
4. Complete 2 community service honors not previously completed for the Silver Award.
Community Assessment
Community Service
Crisis Intervention
Disaster Relief
Hunger Relief
Refuge Resettlement
Rural Development
Urban Development