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Honors / Especialidades

  • EN: The following are honors I have earned, listed first in their respective categories (in Spanish) and then in alphabetical order (also in Spanish).
  • ES: A continuación es la agrupación de las especialidades que he desarrollado, primero en sus diferentes categorías y después en orden alfabético.


Abraham & Sand Art Creation Hurricanes Adventist Church Heritage

Household Arts ||| Arte domésticas:

Laundering Housekeeping Nutrition

Arts, Crafts and Hobbies ||| Artes y actividades manuales:

String Art Native American Lore Duct Tape Guitars Lighthouses Plaster Craft Music Origami
Textile Painting Glass Painting Bridges Soap Craft Braiding Artisan Master Award

Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage ||| Crecimiento espiritual, actividades misioneras y herencia:

Flags Christian Citizenship Literature Evangelism Child Care Junior Youth Leadership Christian Drama Cultural Diversity Appreciation
Personal Evangelism Adventist Pioneer Heritage Language Study Crisis Intervention Sign Language Stewardship God's Messenger
Christian Grooming and Manners Christian Storytelling Preach It Sanctuary Temperance Family Life Witnessing Master Award

Outdoor Industries ||| Actividades agropecuarias:


Nature ||| Estudio de la naturaleza:

Marine Algae Amphibians Spiders Trees Bird Pets Cacti Animal Camouflage
Cetaceans Weather Environmental Conservation Fossils Cats Fungi Insects]]
Worms Mammals Moths & Butterflies Meteorites Dogs Reptiles Rainforests
Seeds Sharks Naturalist Master Award

Recreation ||| Actividades recreacionales:

Camping Skills I Camping Skills II Camping Skills III Camping Skills IV Camp Craft Physical Fitness Drilling & Marching
Backpacking Fire Building & Camp Cookery Geocaching Tumbling & Balancing Outdoor Leadership Swimming, Beginners Knot Tying
Orienteering Skateboarding (NAD) Basic Water Safety Camp Safety Ultimate Disc Recreation Master Award Wilderness Master Award

Health and Science ||| Salud y ciencia:

Red Alert Brain and Behavior Heart and Circulation Physics First Aid, Basic First Aid, Standard Chemistry
CPR Basic Rescue Health and Healing Health Master Award

Vocational ||| Actividades vocacionales:

Communications, Advanced Computers Teaching Bible Evangelism Journalism

Awards ||| Certificaciones:

Adventist Church Heritage Award Adventist Church Heritage Award

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